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Subscription Plan Limits
Subscription Plan Limits
Each of the subscription plans has certain limits, use these tips if you need to take action to return below those limits.
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Intuit Practice Management offers 3 subscription plans (Team, Business, and Enterprise), each offers different features which are outlined on the pricing page. If you are outside the limits of your subscription, we ask that you upgrade to an applicable plan, or take action to return below the limits. Use the info below to help meet those plan limits.

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If many of your contacts are created in order to add spouses to a contact group or organization, you may want to choose to create contact cards for the spouse on the primary taxpayer contact instead.

  1. To remove a contact, go to Contacts to review the list

  2. Click on a Contact

  3. Click the Options (...) menu in the upper right

  4. Choose Delete

If you want to do this in bulk, please let us know and we can send you a bulk contact data file that you can easily choose which contacts to delete in Excel.


For firms on Team subscription, QuickBooks Time, Lacerte, and ProConnect are included, however 3rd party integrations (e.g. Ignition, GoProposal, Zapier) are permitted at the Business plan and higher. If you are using any integrations that you would like to have the integration disconnected and reset, please contact us at 844-333-1910 or use the in-product chat button. We will take care of that for you and you will see it return to the original "Connect" state in the coming weeks. No other action is needed.


The Insights feature includes some dashboards at the Team Plan level, however the Leaderboards, filtering, and more detailed data are available at Business and higher plans.

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