You can currently see the work your colleague is working on now by going into either the Work View or by going into the work item's details tab and viewing the planned status there.

Work View

Within the Kanban view, you can click the Options Menu (...) and click on 'Plan Week' of each card to view if and when you colleagues have planned the work out for in their 'My Week' as well as update the 'Planned Week' for you and your colleagues.

You can either update your planned week option or update some or all of the colleagues who are participating in the work with you.

The same can be done in the list mode, you can update or view the 'Planned Week' by clicking on the space for the work item under the column 'Planned Week'.

Best Practice Tip: To quickly find the work item you need, use the filtering and sorting options within your work view.

Work Item

To view or update the 'Planned Week' option in a work item, open the necessary work item and click on details tab. When you scroll down, you'll see the work team and a column to update the 'Planned Week'. By clicking on one of the work teams 'Planned Week' option, you'll be presented the same module located in the work view option to update as needed.

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