You can track your time as you are working in the app using the inbuilt timer. Prior to adding time, ensure you have Time & Budgets turned on and have the preferences set to having Time Tracking on.

To turn on Time & Budgets navigate to the Main Menu > Settings, choose Time & Budgets. You will then have the choice to choose what Time & Budget Settings you activate in your account including time tracking, budgets, and expenses.

A timer can be started in one of two places, the first from the clock icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen. You can do this by selecting the clock icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

When you turn on the timer, you can choose to add in the work or contact information then or later as you finish up your work.

If there is allocated time against the Role and Task Type assigned to you within a work item, you will be notified if the time gets close to the remaining budget allocated for that work item or contact.

Once you're finished working, you can stop the timer and enter in the necessary details. Based on the work you've done in the work item, smart notes will be automatically added based on the activities you have carried out during that time. You can edit these, or add your own notes for more detail.

You can additionally begin your timer within the work item itself, navigate to the work item > Time & Budgets tab > and select the Start Timer button

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