Sorting and managing your work templates
Easily find the template you need by sorting through your list of templates
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Any admin can access the work templates through one of two places:

1. Off of the main menu navigate to Settings and choose Work Templates

2. Off of the main menu navigate to Work, in the drop down choose Work Templates

When you're in your template list, you will be able to sort through each column to easily identify the template you need. The columns available are as follows:

  • Name - name of the work template

  • Last published by - colleague that last published the work template

  • Date added - when the work template was originally added

  • Last edited - when the work template was last edited

  • Times used - how many times the template has been used

To change which column you're sorting by, just click on the the column options. When sorting by the different columns they will each default sort in a specific manner:

  • Name - alphabetical

  • Created by - alphabetical

  • Dated added - newest or oldest first

  • Last edited - newest or oldest first

  • Time used - most or least amount first

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