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Obtain feedback on an email using the Schedule Email function
Obtain feedback on an email using the Schedule Email function
If you require feedback from a colleague on email before you send it, you can use the Scheduled Email functionality.
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Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon does not allow for the sharing of draft emails amongst colleagues, however you can ask for feedback or input from a colleague about an email using the Scheduled Email functionality.

  1. Compose your draft email like normal.

  2. Schedule the email and select a time well into the future.

  3. Ensure that the email has been added to the timeline of a work item, or the related contact.

  4. Navigate to the timeline that the email is on. There, you will have the option to add a comment and ask any colleagues for feedback. Be sure to @mention them.

5. Your colleague will then receive a notification to review your email, and provide feedback in a comment of their own.

6. If any changes need to be made to the email, they must be made by the person who scheduled the email. Simply choose "Cancel Send", make your required edits, and then send like normal.

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