To maintain privacy, you will be unable to perform certain actions on emails that are BCC'd or forwarded to your email address.

When emails are BCC'd or forwarded to your email client in Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon, you will be unable to perform certain actions such as adding the email to a timeline or adding a comment.

BCC emails

This restriction ensures that BCC recipients remain anonymous and cannot see comments that may be added to an email, without being intended for the BCC recipient.

Additionally, the sender may not have wanted other recipients to know of the BCC recipients inclusion. If the BCC recipient takes an action it will reveal their presence to others.

If you would like to action the email and receive any further responses, it is best that you reach out to the sender and ask them to include you in the conversation.

Forwarded emails

When you forward an email(s) to the email client, Intuit Practice Management will read the email as a BCC which in turn will make the email in-actionable. One situation this can happen in is shared group inboxes.

If you are forwarding emails from another email address to your email client that's in Intuit Practice Management, we would suggest that you set up forwarding within your email client. Once you do this you can reach out to the support team. Call us at 844-333-1910 to start a new conversation with an agent, and give us the following information:

  • That you would like to set up email aliases for email forwarding

  • The email address(es) that you've forwarded to your email client

Important note: If these forwarded emails are aliases and you would like to be able to send from those aliases, please let us know so that we can set this up on our end as well. Keep in mind that these aliases need to be set up in your email provider in order to work in Intuit Practice Management.

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