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How are the figures in Insights calculated?
How are the figures in Insights calculated?
FAQ around how Insights calculates some of its metrics.
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Note: Insights data is refreshed every 24 hours. If you make changes, do not expect to see immediate results in Insights. Once a month ends, the Insights metrics for that month are locked in and will not change.


Days to Complete on Average

Average of all work items completed during the report's date range. Days to complete a work item begin on the first day it is moved out of Planned status and end on the day it is Completed.


Average Email Response Time Across the Firm

The average does not include emails without replies. A response time is calculated and added to the average any time an email is replied to, and measures the time between that reply and the previous message in the thread.

For example: on June 1 a client emailed Adam a long question, on June 2 Adam responded "ok, I'll look into it," and then on June 10 Adam responded to the same email with a full answer (i.e. client didn't respond in the interim). This would register as two responses with response times of one day and eight days respectively. So, if those were the only two email replies sent in the entire firm that month, Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon would calculate an average response time of 4.5 days.

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