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Using Task Types with Templates
Using Task Types with Templates
You can use Task Types on work templates to associate individual tasks to the type of activity that is performed.
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Assigning task types to work template tasks provides you an understanding of how to create your estimates for work templates by highlighting which roles perform which task types. In addition, future Time & Budget feature additions will leverage these Task Types to provide you more understanding, visibility, analysis and automation.

To update your work template tasks with Task Types, select a work template, click the Tasks tab, and click on a task to see it's full task details.

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Similar to how you added Roles and Due Dates to a given task, click the Task Type field and choose the appropriate Task Type for this task.

Tip #1: If using nested and unassigned tasks to keep your To-Do list light, we recommend only assigning Task Types only to those tasks you assign to Roles. This makes the process easier and it will be sufficient since assigned activities will be marked completed and time associated as your team completes the work.

Tip #2: As you add Task Types to work template tasks, track the combination of the Role and Task Type to use in specifying your estimates in the next step.

Note: If you started using Karbon on or after October 1, 2020, all your work templates provided initially will have task types added to your work template tasks. If using Karbon prior to that date, all pre-loaded work templates will not have task types associated to assigned work template tasks.

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