Edit your time entries in one of two places:

  • The Time section off of the Main Menu

  • Directly in a contact or work item from the Time & Budgets tab.

Edit a time entry from the Main Menu

Within the Time section off of the Main Menu, click into the Timesheet that you want to make changes in and choose your name.

Find the day of the specific time entry, select the time entry, and review/edit/save the new time entry details.

To edit time entries off of work and contacts, navigate to their Time & Budget tab and click into the desired time entry and review/edit/save the new time entry details.

What if you can't edit a time entry?

Three factors might be happening that you will want to evaluate:

  • Only the time entry creator can edit and change a prior time entry (when not locked).

  • Once a timesheet is submitted for approval (and later approved), time entries cannot be adjusted since they have become locked.

  • When integrated to QuickBooks Time, you can't edit a time entry if the timesheet has been submitted for approval. Those edits can only occur directly within QuickBooks Time.

Note: Once a timesheet is approved, the timesheet time entries will become locked making them un-changeable. A lock icon will appear next to the related time entries on work items, contacts and on the timesheet itself. If you need to make a change, you will need to request for the Time Administrator to Decline the currently approved timesheet. Once declined, you can edit and resubmit the timesheet for approval.

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