For each work template or work item, you are able to specify how you collect fees from the client when completing the work on the Time & Budget tab or editing a work template in the Budget tab.

There are three choices to choose from:

  • Time & materials. Choose this to build up your billable amount for a job as you track time for the job. Your budget will reflect what you estimate and your Fees - Time & Materials will grow as the actuals grow.

  • Fixed fee. When selected, the Fees - Fixed Fees total shown will show the full amount of the fixed fee vs. increasing over time like with Time & Materials. The Budget amount will look different to your fixed fee amount as is based on your estimated time and relative dollar amounts to calculate. In almost all cases, your budget should be less than your fixed fee total unless it is a loss leader service item (e.g. 1st month of advisory vs. ongoing advisory).

  • Non-billable. When non-billable is selected, the Fees section on the Budget Overview will disappear since no fees will be collected for this work item.

To set up your Billing Settings in a work template, go into your Main Menu, choose your Settings, click on Work Templates, open the template you'd like to edit, and go into the Budget tab to select Billing Settings.

There you will be prompted to choose your Work Fee Type.

If you would like to set up your Fee Settings on a work by work basis, you can go into your work item and open up the Time & Budgets tab and edit your Work Fee Type there.

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