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Review and approve timesheets as a Time Administrator
Review and approve timesheets as a Time Administrator
On request, review colleagues' weekly submitted timesheets to approve or decline.
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As you are completing work and tracking your activities (including time), Karbon is aggregating that information and assembling it to make it easy to create and submit weekly timesheets.

To review your time-related activities, you can view:

  • Individually—on an individual contact or work item.

  • Aggregated—across work (in kanban view) or on timesheets.

When choosing to review timesheets, go to Time from the main menu. From here, you can review all timesheets by period and view their related statistics (number of timesheet drafts, count of those submitted for approval, and counts of those declined or approved). Click on a desired time period to review timesheet(s) for the given time period. If a designated Time Administrator, you will view not only your own timesheet, but the timesheets for all colleagues. Similar to the prior view, you can view the related statistics for each colleague including total time logged, hours marked as billable, utilization %, timesheet status (e.g. draft, submitted, declined, approved), and comments.

By clicking into your own (or a colleague's) timesheet, you are able to:

  • Review weekly time summaries: Review the top-level data to see the current time period, timesheet status, total time added, total hours denoted as billable, and this period's utilization percentage.

  • Add Time Entry: Add a new or missed time entry.

  • Submit: Once finalized, submit your timesheet to a desired Time Administrator for review and approval.

  • Review time entries by day: Click the date tabs to review time entries and suggested time entries by day.

  • Edit time entries: Click an already logged time entry to update or delete.

  • Suggested Time Entries: Based on your actions, Karbon will present any activities that you performed but did not track time against. Just click the Add link and provide the missing details.

  • Comments: Make and track comments as related to your activities and time tracked. This is aggregated from your activities on contacts and work, and helpful to the Time Administrator when submitting the final timesheet.

Submitting your weekly timesheet

When your timesheet is up-to-date and ready for review, click the Submit button and choose which Time Administrator to send you timesheet to. Once submitted, the identified Time Administration will receive a Triage notification to review and approve. Until it is approved, you can continue to update your timesheet and make comments.

If your timesheet is declined, you will receive a notification in your Triage informing you as such. If not provided a reason via comment, create a comment from the Timesheet to determine what needs to be reviewed or changed. Once updated, click Submit again to request another review.

Once a timesheet is approved, you will be notified via Triage and the timesheet time entries will become locked making them un-changeable. A lock icon will appear next to the related time entries on work items, contacts and on the timesheet itself. If you need to make a change, you will need to request for the Time Administrator to Decline the currently approved timesheet. Once declined, you can edit and resubmit the timesheet for approval.

Tip: It is best to make sure your timesheet is complete and accurate before submitting. Here are some best practices to ensure this:

  • Review your time entries day by day to make sure all the time is entered correctly. If not, quickly edit the time entries to reflect the correct details.

  • Track notes and comments as you go. When adding time entries on work or contacts, make a note. It will make things easier during your weekly timesheet review. In addition, when reviewing your timesheets, make comments on the timesheet to track important notes for yourself and to keep the Time Administrator up-to-speed when they review to approve.

  • Leverage the Suggested Time Entry feature. For any activity that occurred on a given day that has not had time logged against, Karbon will present a suggested entry to ensure you don't miss anything. Review the suggested time entry and quickly add to your timesheet if applicable.

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