Unlock your firm's hidden profitability through using Time & Budgets. Set estimates, track time, manage capacity, analyze performance, increase productivity, and integrate your time data to enable billing.

Since Time & Budgets is woven tightly into your workflow, there are many areas by which you can setup, use and optimize across Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon. To get you up and running quickly, we recommend you watch the Time & Budgets overview video and then follow the step-by-step directions in the Time & Budgets setup guide.

As an overview, Time & Budgets includes the following components and options by which to setup, use, and optimize:

  • Specify Time & Budgets settings: Turn on and off Time & Budgets and setup key global parameters like tracking time (for work or work & contacts), tracking budgets (for time or time & dollars), and expenses.

  • Set user permissions & capacity: Set capacity for colleagues (hours per week) and provide additional permissions to view dollar amounts and be a Time Administrator.

  • Customize Task Types in Workflow: Customize the type of tasks that your firm performs and denote which are billable or not billable.

  • Set dollar amounts by Role: Set a standard dollar amount by role for all task types or create custom dollar amount by role for each and every task type.

  • Update Work Templates (or Work) for Time & Budgets: Add Task Types to work template tasks, set the fee type (e.g. fixed, time & materials, and non-billable) per work template, and add estimates by Role.

  • Manage Time & Budget per work item: Adjust (or add) budget estimates and Fee Settings per work item to reflect the details of each engagement. No matter your fee type is, log your time and add expenses as you work to get an actual reflection of the profitability of each job to re-assess your fixed fees or enable billing for time and material jobs. Review your budget vs. actuals by team member, role, or task type plus see an audit report of all time entries.

  • Manage and review Time & Budget per contact: Log your time and add expenses directly to a contact. Filter by time period, Work Type, and/or Work Status to review all activity across time and expenses for the contact. Review activity by Work or Work Type to get an assessment of what time has been tracked, what was the budget, and how much budgeted time remains (overall vs. by team member).

  • Review, update and submit timesheets: At the end of week, review your timesheet, add in missing items using Suggested Time Entries, make comments, and submit to a Time Administrator for approval.

  • Review and approve timesheets: If a Time Administration, receive notifications in Triage of submitted timesheets and review/approve directly in Time from the main menu. Review timesheets by period, review by Colleague, comment on individual timesheets, and approve or deny timesheets as needed.

  • Review the Colleague Utilization report: From Time in the main menu, filter time data by time entry date and/or Colleagues to review colleague utilization as it relates to capacity, actual time (billable, non-billable, and total time) and the resulting dollar amount.

  • Export time, budgets, timesheets, and utilization: Wherever Time & Budgets exists, if you are a Time Administrator, you can download time related information by what is displayed. Create custom reports or use that data to complete other activities like billing.

  • Integrate with QuickBooks Time: Connect with QuickBooks Time to manage timesheet approvals, add/edit/review all time data within QuickBooks Time, obtain advanced time reporting, and bill clients easily by integrating QuickBooks Time to QuickBooks (or other billing solutions).

  • Integrated billing options: Use existing, native integrations with Ignition, GoProposal and QuickBooks Time to enable fixed fee, time and materials, and hybrid billing.

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