Multiple reasons can exist for work not appearing in Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon. Below are a list of possible scenarios and how to correct:

  • When: Work in Intuit Practice Management won't be created by GoProposal until the proposal is signed, accepted and reflected as Won in GoProposal. However, when the proposal is created and sent to a client, ┬áif that client is new to Intuit Practice Management and the proposal is signed, the new client (organization or person) will be added automatically to Intuit Practice Management.

  • Timing: It can take a minute or two for the work to generate in Intuit Practice Management after GoProposal marks the proposal as being "Won".

  • Association: Work is assigned to both people and organizations. If the proposal included both a contact and an organization (Company Name), the work will be assigned to the organization. If the Company Name was left blank, the work will be created and assigned to the individual.

If you are having trouble finding the work in Intuit Practice Management, go to search for the contact the work was created for in Global Search. You'll quickly be able to find it that way and see what may have caused the work to not appear in the place you expected to. Typically this is due to an issue on how the work template was populated.

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