By integrating Ignition with Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon, you can automatically trigger a work item to be created from your chosen template when a client accepts an Ignition proposal.

This guide will walk you through the steps to connect your Ignition account to Intuit Practice Management.

Before you get started

It's a good idea to make sure you have created Intuit Practice Management templates for each Ignition service before connecting the two Apps. 

Step 1. Establish the connection

You link Ignition and Intuit Practice Management together using your unique connection token.

  1. Find your connection token in Intuit Practice Management by going to Settings > Connected apps > Ignition

  2. Copy this token to your clipboard.

  3. Within Ignition navigate to the Apps section.

  4. Click on the Intuit Practice Management app tile (only available on Ignition Professional or Scale plans).

  5. Within the Intuit Practice Management settings drawer, enter your API key.

  6.  Click 'Connect your account.

These steps will establish a connection with Ignition and import your Intuit Practice Management templates into Ignition. The integration is not enabled until you complete the the service mapping steps, which are outlined below.

Step 2: Linking your Ignition services (service mapping)

Linking your Intuit Practice Management templates to Ignition services will automatically create a work item from the specified template whenever a client accepts the linked proposal. 

After establishing the initial connection, click the Work Templates card in Ignition to begin linking your services.

Your existing Services are shown on the left, and your imported Intuit Practice Management work templates are available on the right to choose within the dropdown menus. 

Simply select one or more templates for each corresponding service. You can leave some services with no associated Work Template, but these services will not create a Intuit Practice Management work item when selected in a proposal.

When done, click Confirm Settings. 

Step 3: Enabling Intuit Practice Management Integration

Once you have connected and linked your services, you are ready to enable the integration. Click on Enable Intuit Practice Management and the integration will be turned on. 

From this point forward each time a proposal is accepted, the corresponding work will be created within Intuit Practice Management. 

Other information and FAQs

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