Commenting on notes
Comment on a note to bring team members into a conversation, and communicate about the work or client that is being discussed.
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You are able to add a comment to any note in Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon. You can also use comments to notify colleagues or entire teams to bring them into the conversation.

Commenting on a note

When you click on a note to expand it, you will see a blue area where you can add your comment.

You can then write your comment in the blue box that appears. You are able to add formatting, emojis, attachments or links. 

You also have the option to @mention a colleague, which will send them a notification to bring them into the conversation.

Note comment acknowledgment

You also have the ability to acknowledge a comment for instances when you don’t feel a reply is necessary but just a thumbs up to indicate that you either agree or have seen a comment.

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