Any work created for a private or hidden contact will have the same privacy level as the contact. All members of the client team will automatically have access to any work created for that client. In addition, the work item assignee and the members of the work team—any other colleagues with assigned tasks, notes or emails within that work item—have access to the private or hidden work.

There are multiple ways to add colleagues to the work team and grant them access to a private or hidden piece of work.

  • Assign the colleague a task within a work item.

  • Assign the colleague a note that is linked to the work item.

  • @mention a colleague in a note that is linked to the work item.

  • Add a colleague to the associated client team.

  • Reassign the work item to the colleague.

  • Assign the colleague an email that is linked to the work item.

Only those with access to the work item, organizations or contact will be able to link and unlink a note or email conversation from a private or hidden work item, organizations or contact.

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