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How can I test my Exchange server account information?
How can I test my Exchange server account information?
To test whether or not you have the correct Exchange server address and accounting information, try the following process.
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  1. In a web browser tab, paste the full Exchange server address (this is the EWS server address similar to and hit enter.

  2. If the exchange server address is correct you should be presented with a basic authentication screen asking for your username and password. If you don't see this there will be a problem with the server address you provided. Please check the address and try again. You may need help from your IT technical support if the address seems correct.

  3. Once you see the authentication page, enter your username and password. Your username may be your email address or the domain\username you use to log onto your computer. Try both separately if required.

  4. If the authentication is successful some code snippets will be displayed in the browser window. Don't be alarmed at this as it simply confirms you were successfully authenticated.

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