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Adding or editing Roles (including dollar amounts)
Adding or editing Roles (including dollar amounts)
Use Roles when you create a template if you don't know which team member will perform a task and to associate dollar amounts.
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Roles provide two capabilities:

  • To be a placeholder in work templates to enable selecting colleagues when creating or while completing work. When you create Work from the Template, you can swap out the Role placeholders with colleagues.

  • To identify dollar amounts based on the type of person doing the work and at what rate overall (and per task type) the work should be billed for.

To add new Roles or edit existing ones, choose Settings from the main menu, then Colleagues and select the tab for Roles. If you haven't edited your Roles before, you'll notice some pre-populated roles (and default billing rates) based on the most frequently used roles and rates for your specific country of origin.

To add a new Role, select Add Role.

Give your new Role a name, and select Save.

To edit an existing Role, simply click the name from your list of Roles, change the name in the Role Name field.

To adjust the Dollar Amount for the Role, you have two options to choose from:

  • Standard dollar amount: This rate is the default rate that is used when you create an estimate for that role for ALL task types.

  • Custom by task type: If you select this setting, you will be able to adjust the dollar amount for each and every task type that can be associated to this Role. The default rate will be populated initially and simply click the amount to adjust.

Once done, select Save and you'll be able to use these newly saved Roles and associated Dollar Amount to assign tasks to in a Template and build budgets and track actuals.

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