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What happens when someone leaves the company?
What happens when someone leaves the company?

How to handle email addresses, work and tasks belonging to people who are no longer part of your team.

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You can easily remove someone from your Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon account, but there are several steps you should take to ensure any emails, tasks and work items for that team member do not go unattended. 

  1. First, you should redirect the employee's email to someone else. Here are some details on how to do it in Gmail and Outlook.

  2. Then, go ahead and remove the person from your Intuit Practice Management account. When you do so, if they have work assigned to them, Intuit Practice Management will ask you if you want to reassign it to someone else, so you can bulk assign all the person’s work to someone else.

Learn more about archiving a colleague.

Important notes:

  • Changing a user's password in the email provided won't immediately eliminate access to Intuit Practice Management, as the user will still be authenticated. In order to eliminate access, the user must be archived in Intuit Practice Management. 

  • The seats will remain on your bill, even if they aren't being used, until you call Intuit Practice Management at 844-333-1910 to decrease the number of seats you have on your subscription.

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