Overview of Settings
Ability to customize to suit how your company operates by, adding custom workflows, contact types, templates and integrations in Settings
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You can customize Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon to suit the way your company operates, in Settings.

Accessing Settings, through the main menu will give you several options to choose from:

  • Client Tasks: Client Tasks and Reminders can be set to send automatically at a certain time of day.

  • Colleagues: Add colleagues, create working teams (and sub-teams), and job roles to be used with Work templates.

  • Company details: Define your name, location, currency and logo for your company.

  • Connected apps:  Eliminate tedious work and save time by connecting Intuit Practice Management to leading applications.

  • Contact settings: Categorize and standardize your contacts for search, filtering, and organization using Contact types and determine how you want your contacts to display in Intuit Practice Management.

  • Workflow: Combines workflow statuses, task statuses and work types in one setting:

  • Workflow > Custom workflow statuses: Define how work flows through your firm from planned to completed.

  • Workflow > Task Statuses: Choose what custom workflow statuses are available for tasks, notes and emails.

  • Workflow > Work types: Categorize and standardize your work for search, filtering, and organization.

  • Workflow > Automators: Adjust settings that update your workflows, tasks and work statuses automatically.

  • Work templates: Enable your services to be easily repeatable using standardized checklists.

Best practice tips:

  • Spend time upfront to define your settings to match what and how your company operates (or needs to operate). By defining this at the start, you’ll be able to set the foundation on how your team will operate in the future.

  • Add to, and edit when needed. Most companies add/edit work templates progressively over time to systemize & standardize their service offerings. As your company evolves, your contact types, work types, and workflow statuses will evolve as well. Periodically review and modify these as needed.

  • Don’t underestimate the importance of workflow statuses. Take the time to think about how these should be defined across all the work your company performs. Use this workflow custom statuses worksheet to help plan and build your company's workflow statuses.

  • Take notice of the numbers that are beside each category heading. They let you know the number of items that exist in each section. This helps you look at a glance of how much you have added or tailored, and where you need to spend time to further customize Intuit Practice Management to work with your company's processes.

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