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Email template & video to introduce your clients to client tasks
Email template & video to introduce your clients to client tasks
Help your clients get a feel for client tasks with this email template to introduce them to a new way of collaborating with your team.
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To help you introduce Client Tasks to your clients in Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon, you may wish to use the following email and video:

Feel free to edit this email to suit your practice and your own clients.


Dear client,

From time to time, you will start receiving emails from myself or our team containing a checklist of items. This checklist is sent to you via Intuit Practice Management's Client Tasks, the system we use to manage our jobs.

When you receive an email containing a checklist, you will be able to click a link that will take you to a unique view, listing all your items that need to be completed. The first time you access this checklist, you will be prompted to create a new 4 digit PIN, which ensures only yourself and our team have access.

If you choose to remember your PIN on this device, you won’t be required to enter it every time. However, you will need to enter this same PIN if you access your checklist on a second device, like your mobile phone.

You will then be taken to your personal checklist that requires completing. We will provide detailed instructions and requirements for each item. If the item requires, you will be able to upload documents as well. On completion, please mark the item as complete to instantly notify us.

Our objectives of collaborating with you in this way are to help you know exactly what you need to provide, and automatically remind you if there is any outstanding information we are waiting on. It will make our communication together smoother, and enable our team to serve you more efficiently.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.


Looking to create your own personalized video to introduce Client Tasks to your clients?

Download the client task video (without any audio), and use the script below to complete your own voice over to make the introduction to Client Tasks your very own.


"Welcome to Client Tasks, your secure way to work collaboratively with your trusted advisor to know what needs to be done, comment back and forth and upload or download files all in one place. Periodically, your trusted advisor will send you an email with tasks you need to complete. When you click on the task in the email, you'll be taken to your own secure portal. There are no usernames or URLs to remember. Just create your own pin and get instant access to your secure area to complete tasks, comment on activities and download or upload files. If you ever forget your pin, just click forget your pin to reset and manage. Once done, mark your task complete and your trusted advisor will take care of the rest."

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