Do you have a task list that works well for one client and you want to have it available for another client? In Intuit Practice Management, you can easily copy a task list (or task list section) across clients.

Copy a Task list by clicking on the Work options menu “…”, and then selecting ‘Copy tasks’.

You will then be required to search for where you wish to copy the Tasks—an existing piece of work (including the one the Tasks are a part of), or a new piece of work.

Keep in mind, this will copy all Tasks.

Copying by section
If you wish to only copy a section, you can click on the section’s options menu “…” and then select ‘Copy’.

Copying one Task
Or if you only wish to copy one Task, click on the item’s options menu “…” and then select ‘Copy’.

This will give you the option to copy the Task to a new work or to an existing one.

When copying any part of a Task list, if there are assignments and due dates, you will have the choice to:

  • Copy relative due date: selecting this will place due dates based on the start date of the new piece of work, if you selected the Learn more about Task due dates

  • Copy assignee: if you select this, all assignees will remain the same for each item

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