As a center for everything related to work in your practice, Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon is your complete workflow management system. Intuit Practice Management documents the recipe of what needs to be done, when, how, and who is responsible for each step.  

Checklists can be created from templates, copied from other pieces of work from within Intuit Practice Management, copied from spreadsheets, or created ad-hoc. Once created, you can edit your tasks (e.g. add/remove steps) without impacting the template they may have been derived from. If you make changes you don't want to keep, you can revert your tasks back to the template they were initially created from.

Checklist components

A checklist in Intuit Practice Management includes:

  • Task items: short task titles describing what needs to be done

  • Task descriptions: Detailed descriptions of each activity. You can enter hyperlinks here to jump from Intuit Practice Management to other applications or to point to your knowledge-base for further details. 

  • Due dates: Each step can be given a date to highlight when it must be completed.

  • Task assignee: Who in your team is responsible for each step. Each task can only have one assignee to avoid confusion.

  • To-do dates: If a task has an assignee, it will also be given a to-do date, which outlines when the task should be begun. For each task that is assigned to a team member, Intuit Practice Management will automatically generate a to-do item that will appear on the to-do list of the assignee.

In addition, tasks can broken into sections (for sub-processes) and tasks can be tiered to show loose dependencies or sub-tasks. Tasks can even be assigned to clients via client tasks.

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