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Drag & drop to reorder to-do items
Drag & drop to reorder to-do items
Organize your to-do list and plan each day, by rearranging your items into your customized order of priority.
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You can rearrange your to-do items by dragging and dropping them into an order that makes sense to you. You can rearrange them within a the one period, or move them to different to-do periods.

To rearrange an item within the same period, first make sure your to-do list is sorting by Drag & drop

You can then click on the item, drag, and drop it where you’d like it to be. You should see a line that indicates where the item will be dropped.

To move an item to another period, click on the item and then drop it on the period button you’d like it to be.

As new items are assigned, they will appear at the top of the list.

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