Your To-do section brings together everything in Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon that is your responsibility, including work items, emails, tasks and notes. To-do filters let you turn off certain items, ensuring that what you view is a true representation of what you need to work on.  

At the top of your list, you can choose to only view certain types of to-do items (work, email, notes, tasks), and/or items in chosen status(es)

When you add filters, you'll notice that the numbers in your period tiles now indicate the number of items showing. 

You'll see a separate figure indicating the number of items in total.

If you navigate away from your To-do list, any filters you have applied within the current session will be remembered.

For Managers
Follow up on items you've assigned your staff by navigating from your To-do list to a colleague's To-do list or items you've assigned.

If you manage multiple team members, sort by assignee.

Learn more about Sorting your To-do list.

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