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Using Job roles with Templates
Using Job roles with Templates
You can use job roles on work templates as placeholders when you don't know exactly who will be doing the work tasks beforehand.
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Job roles are useful when creating Templates if you don't know which team member will eventually perform the task. When you create Work from the Template, you can swap out the Job role placeholders with the team member.

Any new task in a Template can be assigned to a Job role.

You can then search and assign the task to any of your company Job roles.

Creating work from a template with Job roles

When you create Work off a template that has specified Job roles, you'll be given the option to assign all tasks that have been allocated Job roles, to colleagues.

In the example here, any tasks in the Template assigned to the 'Bookkeeper' role will be assigned to Pax in the Work, and tasks assigned to the 'Accountant' role will be assigned to Anthony.

If you'd prefer, you can leave the tasks unassigned and allocate them to specific colleagues after the Work has been created.

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