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Create a Work Template from an existing piece of work
Create a Work Template from an existing piece of work
Work Templates allow you to standardize processes and quickly create new pieces of work. Here's how to create one from existing work.
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Work Templates allow you to standardize processes across your team. You can create a new Template from scratch, or if you have an existing piece of work that you reuse often, you can save that as a template to create work from in the future.

From the piece of work, select “Save as template” from the options menu.

Any Tasks, description, and documents from the Work will be saved as a draft template. You’ll be able to make any adjustments you like, such as:

Edit the name of the template. Try and be detailed here—remember, it should be a name that will make sense to your team as they’ll be searching for it when it’s published.

Edit any Task name, description, and assignee.

If you don’t know which colleague is going to be doing the work yet, you can use a placeholder role instead. Then when you create work from this template simply swap out the placeholders with the team.

Choose how many days each item should be due after the Work start date, or before the Work due date.

Edit the Template’s description and upload any documents in the Details tab.

When you’re done, hit publish at the bottom of your screen and your template is ready to create work from.

If you make any future changes to the template, these changes won't go live until your choose "Publish". Until you choose to publish any changes, the older version of that Template will be the active version.

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