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Settings to automate your firm's workflows.
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Automators allow you to adjust settings that update your workflows, tasks and work statuses automatically. To make the most out of Automators, it's important to have a good understanding of workflow statuses

You control these from Settings > Workflow > select the Automators tab.

Available automators include:

  • Choose what status a planned work item will be given when it reaches its start date

  • Choose what default status an email will be given when it is assigned to someone

  • Choose what default status a note will be given when it is assigned to someone.

  • Choose whether the start date for a work item will update when its status is manually changed from Planned to In Progress

  • Choose what status a new task will be given

  • Choose whether a work item will have its status update to In Progress when the first task within that work item is marked Completed

  • Choose to update the status of work when 5 client task reminders have been sent to the client and are still incomplete

  • Choose whether a work item will have its status marked Completed when all tasks within that work item are marked Completed

Note: you will need to be an Admin user to adjust these Automators and other Settings. 

If an Automator has triggered on an item, this activity will display on that item. For example, if a work item's status is updated automatically, the details of this will display on the work item's Timeline.

You can also add Automators within task sections in your work items and templates. Learn how to do this here.

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