Pin a note or an email to the top of a timeline
Pin a note or an email to the top of a contact or work timeline for quick reference.
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Your most important notes, emails and corresponding conversations can be pinned to the top of a work or contact timeline for quick reference. 

This is useful if you want need to refer back to something regularly or keep something top-of-mind for your team. 

Pin a note or email

To pin a note or an email, select Pin from that item's options menu.

The item will then appear at the top of the timeline for everyone in your team, with an icon showing who it was pinned by.

There is no limit to the number of items that can be pinned to one timeline, and anyone in your team has this ability. If multiple items are pinned to one timeline, they will be displayed in chronological order.

Unpin a note or email

You can follow the same process to unpin an item, this time selecting Unpin from the options menu. 

It will then move back to the position on the timeline it would be in if it hadn't been pinned.

Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon users who did not pin the item in the first place will still have the ability to unpin it.

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