Moving Work on your Kanban board
You can adjust priorities in real time by moving cards from one column to another.
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This allows you to quickly change the status of Work, who it is assigned to, the start date, or the due date. You can do this by clicking on a card and dragging it into the column you want it to move to.

The relevant details of that Work will instantly be updated to reflect the change you have made.

Some changes you make will impact other details of that piece of work. If this is going to happen, you’ll be notified by a pop-up window with options. Here are some examples of when this might occur.

When sorting by start date, if you move a card to this week, you will be able to choose which day of the week the Work will begin.

If you move a card to ‘Completed’, you will have the option to mark all Tasks in that piece of work as completed too.

If you move Work to a different start date, you will be given the option to change the due dates and Task dates by the same length of time.

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