Work related to a client group will include any work items that have been created with the client group as the client, or any work items for members of that client group. You can view these work items in a range of ways. 

The Work tab of the client group page lists all work items that have been created for the client group, or work created for members with the client group added as well.

Sorting work by client group on your Kanban board

You can sort your Kanban board so that work items are categorized into the client group they are related to.

You can add a work filter to you work view and only view work items related to a chosen client group/s.

When you filter to see work relating to a specific client, you will be able to sort your Kanban board by clients. This will sort your work items into a different column for each contact it is for.

The drag & drop capabilities of your Kanban board are not supported for this view.

Sorting work by client group in work list mode

When you are displaying your work in list mode, you will see a column for Related client group.

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