There are two modes in which you can view your firm's Work: Kanban or List. You can choose your mode from the icon in the top right.

Your list view displays your work items in a similar manner to an Excel spreadsheet—displaying your jobs with some critical information in separate columns.

Show/hide columns

If you don't want to view all of these columns, you can choose to show or hide them from the top-right menu. 

Sort your work list

Just like a spreadsheet, you can sort your work list view by clicking on any of your column titles. Clicking the column title once will display the work items in ascending order based on that column. Clicking again will display in descending order.

Using work filters

Work filters allow you to customize your view further, so that you only see the work that needs your attention. From the top left, you can choose what filters you want to apply, and select the criteria for the work items you want to view.

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