If you make any changes to a template or a work item in a repeating schedule, you can reset any work items created from it to ensure you are always working off your most accurate tasks, work team, budget and estimated time

Navigate to the work item that you would like the changes copied to. From your work options menu, select Reset Work.

This will present the option to reset the current work item’s tasks, work team budget and estimated time to the work item it was from, or the previous work item in its schedule (if applicable).


If you do not see the option to Reset Work, then the current work item was not created from a template, and is not part of a work schedule.

Resetting a work item from the work schedule

You can also reset a work item from the work series it is part of, when you are editing the work schedule. 

When editing the work schedule, navigate to the Work tab. If the tasks have been created for any work items, you will also have the option from here to Reset work.

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