Selecting Work from the main menu will display all work items throughout your firm.

From here, you can view specific work items by clicking on the piece of work title.

There are two modes you can view Work in: Kanban or List. You can choose your mode from the icon in the top right.

It will also let you choose what columns you sort by if you are viewing your Kanban board, or the columns that you display if you are viewing in list mode.

Work filters allow you to customize your view so that you only see the work that needs your attention. From the top left, you can choose what filters you want to apply, and select the criteria for the work items you want to view.

As you add more filters, you will create a view that hones in and shows you only the work items that are relevant to you.

If you create a work view that you will want to come back to again, you can add it to your list of saved views. The saved view you create will remember what mode you are viewing, the columns that you are showing or sorting by, and the filters you have applied.

You'll then have the option to choose a name for your view so that you can jump to it quickly in the future. 

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