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Exporting and downloading contact data
Exporting and downloading contact data
Download your client data as a spreadsheet to sort and analyze outside of Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon
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If you have Admin Permissions, client data can be exported from Contacts by selecting the cloud icon and the data you would like to download. A spreadsheet will then be saved to your device.

Important notes:

  1. If you see duplicate individuals, this may be due to that person having multiple contact cards in Intuit Practice Management. Each row represents one contact card—if you see the same key in column one, then they are not duplicates, just multiple contact cards.

  2. If you would like to update information in bulk, we can provide you with a specific spreadsheet for re-import (may include an add-on fee). Just drop a note in Help & Feedback (Main menu > Help & Feedback > Can't find what you are looking for) and start a new conversation with an agent, and request an export of your contact data for updating. Also let us know the different types of information you'd like to update.

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