Deleting a contact
If you no longer wish to keep any record of a contact, you can choose to delete them.
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This article explains the steps to remove a contact, and all their communication and details in Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon.

If you still want to access their emails, documents and work tasks in the future, there are some other ways to deal with inactive clients that you should consider first.

Delete a contact from the options menu "..." of the contact profile, and clicking delete.

Please note you cannot undo deleting a contact and, by deleting it:

  • All work for the contact will also be deleted. Even if it was completed, the work will be permanently removed.

  • All notes associated with the contact will be deleted.

  • All emails associated with the contact will be made private for the recipients.

  • If it's an organization, all connections to third party applications will be removed.

  • If you delete a person, she will be removed from the list of people associated with the company she was related with.

  • If it's an organization, the people associated with the organization will not be removed, but the associated contact card will be linked to a deleted entity.

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