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Can I delete an email rather than clear it?
Can I delete an email rather than clear it?

Your emails are archived when you clear them, but that does not delete them.

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Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon connects to your email provider, synchronizing your emails so you can view and action them in Triage. 

When you clear an email it will not delete the email in your email client, but it does do a few things:

  1. It removes the email from Triage.

  2. It lists the email in Cleared Items, so that you can view it or bring it back into Triage.

  3. It moves the email from your email inbox to the Archive folder for Office 365 and Exchange, or the All Mail folder for Gmail.

This email will still be searchable to you and others who have access to this email when using Global Search. If you do not wish for this email to be visible in Search for others, click on the info tray of the email and ensure that the email does not exist on any public contact or work timelines. 

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