In Triage, you will receive notifications for new emails, client task activity, work assignments, comments and notes that you're involved in, or @mentions from colleagues.

These different items each have their own color bar in its left margin. 

  • Work assignment: Light grey

  • Note: Orange

  • Email: Dark grey

  • Task: Green

  • Client task: Pink

Read and unread items

If you haven't read and item yet, it will appear with a bold title/subject line, and a blue dot and timestamp in its upper right.

The information your notifications show

The notifications for each of these items have been designed to give you the information you need to quickly decide what action you need to take.

The left hand side of the notification will display:

  • Avatar of the sender of the most recent email (for emails), author of the original item (for notes), or work assignee (for client tasks and tasks)

  • The subject (for emails), or title (for other items)

  • Assignee (if there is one)

  • Related work item (if there is one)

  • Contact (if there is one)

  • Number of emails in the thread (for emails only)

  • Number of comments

  • Number of attached files

The right hand side of the notification will display:

  • A blue dot if the item is unread

  • A time stamp to indicate the time since, or the date and time of the most recent activity in the item.

If there are unread emails or comments in the item, this will also display under the item.

Client task notifications will display any comments and/or an activity if they have been completed or a file uploaded. If a client task has been completed and has an unread comment, the comment is displayed. Once you read that comment, the item will default to display the latest item in the conversation—the comment or completed activity.

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