Many accounting firms create folders for each of their clients in their email inboxes. This creates a problem where these emails are visible only to one person. We liken folders to Timelines—with the ability to automatically store client’s emails on the appropriate timeline if they are saved in your account as a shared contact. 

Here are three quick ways you can store a client as a contact:

  1. From an email, click on the sender’s name and click on Add Contact. Your emails will then be automatically be stored on their timeline.

  2. Use the global add (+ button) in the upper right-hand corner or “Add Contact” from the Contacts page from the Main Menu to add a person or an organization. Make sure you check the box “Make your emails with this person visible to your colleagues”. This will ensure your emails will be stored on their timeline.

  3. Lastly, you can import from Gmail or Office 365 from the Contacts page. There, you will find a list of email addresses that you have emailed or have emailed you. Just click on Add Contact for those that you want in your account.

With any of these three steps, you will be able to maintain your emails per contact on their timeline.

When you create a new contact, make sure you check the box Make your emails with this person visible to your colleagues. This will ensure your emails will be stored on their timeline and shared with your colleagues.

Add email to other contact timelines or a work timeline

Additionally, you have the ability to add an email to other timelines. Simply add the email to a contact by clicking on Add to Contact. If the email relates to a work item, add the email to work using the Add to Work link or by adding to the work or client timeline in the info tray on the right side.

Note, you want the piece of work to serve as a central repository for all things regarding that work item. When you are ready to start that work item, everything will be at your fingertips from emails to notes to documents to tasks. Once completed, that work item will be there for easy access with everything that pertains to it in one location.

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