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Effectively managing your day or week in To-do and Work
Effectively managing your day or week in To-do and Work
A suggested daily routine to manage your tasks and workflow over the course of your working week.
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On any given week, you most likely have a seemingly never-ending list of tasks, jobs, emails and other activities to get to. And that's just the things that you've planned for.

Follow this suggested routine to get organized and make sure everything is covered.


Once you’ve dealt with your new Triage items, get a feel for your work week by going to your Work overview. 

Use sorting and filtering options to get to priority work. Your work view should serve as a high level overview of what needs to be done today, this week or this month, etc. 

Best practice tip:  If you are viewing work by due date, keep in mind that the due date is the overall work due date. There might be tasks that are due sooner to enable you and your team to meet the work deadline.

Once you’ve reviewed your work, go to your To-dos

Use the sorting and filtering icon to prioritize what’s most important to you. As an example, you can start off by viewing notes and emails in certain statuses that are of higher priority (i.e. In progress, Waiting) then progress to look at statuses that are Ready to Start or Planned.  Take care of the easy ones. After all, it's Monday and you may need more coffee before you can move onto the more involved stuff.

Then graduate to look at Work and Tasks. Again, prioritize and go narrow by selecting one status to start.  Then gradually introduce additional statuses. Your sorting options will also help narrow your focus. 

Best practice tips:  

When sorting by work or by client, click on the options menu "..." for that grouping and bulk update the to-do date. This is the date that you wish to start on the items and has no impact to any scheduled work in the future.

Right click on the work link to get more context (i.e. new emails or notes on a timeline, comments on tasks, etc.) and to
bulk update tasks. Then return to your To-do list and a simple refresh will allow you to move onto the next thing.

Sorting and filtering your to-do list to help view your top priority items is a personal preference, so play around to determine what method works best for you.


Continue with the following process:

  1. Triage emails in the morning, afternoon and before you leave your desk for the day

  2. View Work

  3. To-do

  4. Filter and sort work in a way that works best for you.

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