Below are recommended videos and support articles pertaining to contact management.

Contact management videos:

Contact management support articles:

  • Contacts a mess? Missing key data? Give us a call at 844-333-1910 and ask for a download of your client list along with a list of key details you'd like to update.

  • When a new contact comes in Triage, be sure to add that contact. ┬áIf you use Client tasks, don't forget to include the Preferred name.

  • Need to add a new contacts in bulk? Give us a call at 844-333-1910.

  • Make it easy to find a contact. Use contact types to organize your contacts into logical groupings and to filter work using these types.

  • Complex relationships for tax and trusts? Use Client groups to associate like contacts together.

  • Need to use your contacts in bulk for things like email marketing? Use the contact export to get the list and organize leveraging certain fields in Karbon.

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