Video overview of Triage (1 min)
Mark an email as low priority (1 min)


Video overview of Work (3 min)
Create a Work Template from scratch (10 min)
Tasklist Automators (2 mins)
Video overview of Client tasks (3 mins)
Files and documents on Work (3 mins)
Schedule work (5 mins)

Workflow & Processes

Work (kanban) (3 min)
How to use work filters (4 mins)


Overview of To-do (1 min)


Video overview of Contacts (3 min)


Overview of Intuit Practice Management Insights (2 mins)


Overview of Settings (2 mins)
Video overview of Connected apps (1 min)
Edit your user profile (2 mins)
Define the Workflow for your Work Types (2 mins)
Global Automators (2 mins)
Video overview of Work Templates (1 min)
Customize a work template (6 mins)

Video overviews of Privacy (1 min and 6 mins)
Granting access to a private or hidden contact (4 min)

Best Practices

For more in-depth training visit our collection of best practice trainings 

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