With Intuit Practice Management, you can Improve workflow efficiency, standardize processes, automate tasks, and grow your company at scale with our feature set:

  • Triage: Supercharged inbox to manage all email and notifications. 

  • Contacts: Your CRM area of Intuit Practice Management. 

  • Work: Synonymous with projects or jobs, a work item contains everything from email to internal notes, tasks, documents and more.

  • To-dos: An aggregation of all items that are assigned to you - work, tasks for work, emails and notes.

  • Tasks: Within a work item, tasks allow you to document the recipe of what needs to be done, when, how, and who is responsible for each step.

  • Client Tasks:  A way to Incorporate your clients into your workflow. Assign them tasks, communicate instantly, and schedule automatic reminders.

  • Settings:  Settings to customize Intuit Practice Management to suit the way your company operates by adding custom workflows, contact types, templates, work types and more.

  • Connected Apps:  Integrate Intuit Practice Management with other ecosystem apps and systems to share data and automate your workflows.

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